Boring (but important) Stuff

Gnome House classes are run with block booking only. Block booking encourages regular attendance, which means you'll get all the benefits from Pilates that come from regular practice. 

Block booking also means that as a group we'll progress together, and keep progressing, resulting in fun and dynamic classes. 

In line with my terms and conditions I’m afraid I can’t offer refunds/credits for missed classes.

Terms & Conditions

Booking - classes are booked by the block only, you must pay for the block to attend any part of it  

Severe injuries requiring treatment - please inform me about any severe injuries in advance of your class by email, particularly if you have been having medical treatment for the injury.

Minor injuries - minor injuries/aches/pains can be reported to me at the start of class

Change in health status - you must inform me of any significant change in health status, such as blood pressure (high/ low), diabetes, heart or lung conditions, headaches, dizziness, asthma, allergies

Updates to personal details - you must update any changes of personal details e.g contact details, electronic enrollment forms are provided with every new block email to enable you to do this

No refunds/credits - there are no refunds or credits for missed classes.  

 Reservations - places cannot be reserved without payment.